Lionfish Hunting Season

LionfishLast year I wrote a post about how the lionfish were invading the waters of the Florida Keys and destroying regional fish in the area. Check it out!

We all need to do our part in combating this menace, and if you are not a diver that can take part in the hunt, do your part and order them for dinner – they are really quite tasty!

Lionfish Derby

Now, it is that time of year again to gather up your friends, head to Pennekamp in Key Largo, and search and destroy these predators. On September 14th, teams of up to 4 divers can participate in the Lionfish Derby with over $10K in prizes being awarded including for the most catches as well as the largest and smallest. With your registration fee of $120 you receive one pair puncture-proof gloves and 4 drink tickets to celebrate afterwards. See the website for more details and go get ’em!


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