Austin – A Fun & Vibrant City

Austin skyline from Auditorium ShoresWe arrived in Austin on Friday to an airport that smelled heavenly of Texas barbecue. Got to get some of that while we are here. Once in the taxi it took about 1/2 hour to reach our hotel and we were still in Austin. Austin is one big sprawling city! The first thing I noticed here is that people are super friendly and very polite. The cab driver told us about events going on in the city and what the weather has been like lately – in one word HOT! The hotel staff was very efficient and always asking how our day was going as we passed by. Same could be said for other establishments as well as locals passing by. I’m beginning to like this city.


Hummingbird House and ring bearer

The wedding event we came for was being held at Hummingbird House and what a beautiful place it was. There was a beautiful old moss-covered building at the entrance and beyond that were the well-landscaped grounds full of flowers, shady trees, a gazebo and a pond with waterfall.  What a perfect setting for a wedding! Here’s a picture of the oh so cute ring bearer on one of the stone walkways.


Austin State CapitalYesterday we went into the city proper to take a walk around.  The city was quiet, since it was Sunday, so it was easy to get around. We visited the capital building and grounds, which are beautiful, saw some huge brightly painted guitars, the famous Driskill Hotel with its fantastic architecture and walked along 6th Street, one of the main entertainment areas of the city.  It reminded me a little of Duval Street in Key West with all of the bars and restaurants sporting live music of every variety from country to rock to blues. We came back later in the evening and heard some great music at the Dizzy Rooster.


Stuffed Shrimp at Iron Cactus

For dinner we stopped in the Iron Cactus, one of my son’s favorites, and ate on the 3rd floor open patio where there were misters and a nice breeze. This place had some of the best Mexican food I have had. Chips were light and fresh and served with both a regular salsa and some delicious roasted red pepper salsa. The meals which included steak and chicken fajitas, Camarones a la Parilla, jumbo shrimp stuffed with jalapeño pepper and Panela cheese then wrapped in bacon and Pollo Flameado, blackened chicken breast topped with Panela cheese and roasted red peppers with green chile mashed potatoes were flavorful and plentiful.  Now I am hungry all over again! The only downside were the smaller than average tequila drinks. I had a blood orange  margarita, which was really tasty, and my son had a black pepper and basil Tini, and all wished we had more.


Stay tuned for more on this fair city and its great vibe!

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