The Amazing Coral Castle

Coral Castle entrance and sculpturesThis castle and garden made of coral, located in Miami Florida, is truly a wonder! It was built by a man named Ed Leedskalnin, a Latvian, as a monument to his one and only true love who, by the way, dumped him the day before the wedding (and he still built it!). He worked on this 100-ton coral castle and garden for 28 years, from 1923-1951, with only himself as both architect and builder.

Polaris Viewer


The amazing thing is that Ed was only 5 feet tall and weighed at barely 100 lbs and, with no modern tools, moved coral rock up to 4000 feet thick and wall sections that weighed as much as 125 lbs. per cubic foot! He built his castle in secret and at night so no one could see how he did it and it is still a feat that no one can really explain.  I guess we will just have to attribute it to his knowledge of ancient pyramid secrets!


Coral Bed and Dining TableWhen touring this castle, now on the National Registry of Historic Places, you will see an amazing 9-ton gate that you can move with just a finger, a Polaris telescope, a bed made of rock (not what I would want to sleep on at night), a coral dining table, rocking chairs that actually rock and a huge throne for that important man in your life – lol.

Entrance Marker


At the entrance is the original stone sign that asks for 10 cents admission but, with inflation, it is a bit more these days ($15) but well worth the cost. You just have to see this attraction for yourself to believe it!


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