big pine key activities

Big Pine Key Activities


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Big Pine Key has a population of 5000 people and 800 Key deer.

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28950 Watson Blvd
Big Pine Key, FL 33043
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National Key Deer Refuge

What are Key Deer? Key Deer only live in the Florida Keys and are a smaller version of the white-tailed deer, about the size of a collie. Adult males only reach about 30" tall and weight between 55-75 pounds while females average about 26" tall and weigh between 44-64 pounds. They are reddish brown to gray brown in color and are great swimmers. The deer can easily swim between islands so don't be surprised if you take a trip to Little Palm Island and find a few begging some scraps from your dinner plate. When visiting the refuge, comprised of 9200 acres, the best place to start is at the Visitor's Center located in the Big Pine Key Shopping Center. Here you can roam around and see displays which tell you the best places to spot the deer. Drive down Watson Boulevard to No Name Key (stop in No Name Pub while you are in the area for an unusual site) or take one of the three hiking trails that will take you through pine forests and wetlands, the natural habitat for the Key Deer. Note: The best time to spot these cute little deer is at sunrise or sunset.



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